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*It is suitable for air sterilization in closed space.


1) Place the ozone disinfection on the floor of the space to be disinfected stably (the surrounding environment shall be dry, with good ventilation and heat dissipation). Do not place any objects around the machine at least 40cm away from the wall. If the ventilation is blocked, the anti-virus effect will be affected.
2) In order to achieve the best ozone disinfection effect, it is recommended to close the doors and windows. There should be no corrosive gas or liquid in the air disinfection space, and no personnel should be in the room disinfection.
3) Turn on the 220V power supply, turn on the power switch, and turn the timing knob to the required time ( timing knoblt supports 5-120min timing; it can also be opened for a long time, and the use time of each disinfection shall not exceed 120min, otherwise the service life of the equipment will be affected; each use will wait for cooling before use).
4) According to the needs of space use, set the timing knob to the disinfection time corresponding to spose into oxygen after 30 minutes to 2 hours in the room. If people want to stay in the room for a long time. When staying, it should be subject to the fact that there is no strong smell of ozone.pace disinfection.
5) When the set disinfection time is reached, the sterillizer will automatically stop working or manually turn off the ozone generator. After the disinfection, please unplug the power plug.
6) Ozone will automatically decom.
7) After disinfection, please move the ozonator to a dry and ventilated place, so that there will be no water accumulation in the case due to high humidity and high temperature environment, which will affect the use of the ozonator.


Using Power Supply
Rated Power
Ozone Production
Cooling Method
External Size

220V / 50Hz
3G/ h
330mm x 168mm x 200mm + portable 38 + bottom 15mm

- Prohibited to use where strong electrostatic and strong magnetic field, it is forbidden to touch water or liquid.
- Because of O³ strong oxidizing, so washing rubber products, hardware, plastic products times houlds not be too long.
- As O³ has special smell, is sensitive to smell of O³, belongs to the normal phenomenon to leave.
- O³ sterilization, deodorant, please do not eyes, respiratory tract directly contact O³ air outlet, lest cause discomfort.
- This product belongs to the high voltage products, should be places safety ventilationusing solid place.
- Before use must be grounded to prevent lightning, must take put down gently pull out the power supply when not in use.
- Air flor cannot use foreign bodies blocked or metal insert, in order to avoid electric shock and reduce the product performance.
- Children under age of 10 and psychiatric patients operating this machine is prohibited.
- Laypeople, shall not dismantle machine maintenance or modify this product mechanical or electronic performance.
- Power wiring machines must be in accordance with national wiring, and the power supply cord to external ground wire connection.
- The power cord damage, it must be qualified technical personnel of the company or approved for replacement.

1) Please place the ozone disinfection machine dry ventilated place, dust-proof net periodic cleaning keep machine clean.
2) This ozone sterilizer is not a professional electrician. Please do not open the case (there is high pressure inside).
3) Ask a professional electrician to open the back cover of the case during maintenance.
4) Regulary check whether the internal connector of the machine is loose. If any, please use a screwdriver to tighten it.
5) All customers who buy or products can buy consumables at a price lower than the market price.

Application Scope

Experts warn that good use of O³ has many advantages

Suggested Use

Kitchen smell removal (10m² - 15m²)

Smell of kitchen oil smoke, fishy smell, pesticide, etc. It can be eliminated and improved.


Odor elimination of newly decorated rooms and new furniture (30m² - 50m²)

Break down the toluene emitted by new furniture and walls Formalydehyde and other harmful gases (natural volatilization takes 3 years can volatilize complety), reduce the generation of human allergens.


Deodorization and air purification (10m² - 20m²)

Remove smoke, dust and harmful substances in the air, keep the indoor air clean and fresh.


Deodorization of bathroom and toilet dispelling taste (10m² - 15m²)

For amonia or pungent odors in toilets, and the smell of sand in the garage (basement) can be found. Effective elimination and improvement.



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